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We are passionate about creating innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most — their homes, families and businesses. 

Being a home or business owner in or around the Chicago area means that you have a wide range of options when selecting a smart home security company. When looking for the company that you want protecting your home, it can sometimes be tempting to choose a nationally known name or the one that is at the lowest price. But these options aren’t always the best. A local company holds a number of benefits that other companies don’t. 




Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, Protection7 systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular & IP connection.


Always On Awareness.

Know which doors & windows are open in realtime. And View history.


 Our Energy Management Solution connects all your devices into a responsive system that helps you save automatically. 


Every device is controlled through the same app, and the security system makes them smarter by having more sensors communicating with each other throughout your home.


Stay in control of it all with one mobile app. Adjust your thermostat on the go, turn schedules on or off, or change to home or away mode for extended savings.


Wireless sensors are easy to move (and add), you can use them to keep track of all sorts of unique things around your home, with real-time alerts that keep you aware of what's happening. 

Smart Home Solutions for The Chicago Suburbs & Beyond.

Professional, Honest, Dependable. We care.  Our customers are our family and we strive to provide every single one of them with the highest quality of service and equipment available. 

We have a much better understanding of our local community.  Large national companies are unable to listen to the specific needs of clients.  We know our customers personally, and listen to what they want, need, and guide them through the entire process.  Large national security companies don’t often treat their customers with the respect they deserve. With such large client base, people get treated more like a number than an actual customer. We make sure you are well protected and taken care of while providing you with a customer experience you will rave about!

Although we are locally owned and operated, we are able to provide the most current information and new cutting edge technology in the industry. Our prices and customer service rivals that of any of the "big named" security companies in the market today. Our security and automation equipment are manufactured by the top names & brands in the industry and our Diamond Rated, UL listed monitoring stations are based and operated in the United States..

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